5 Landscape Design Tips to Save Energy and Water

When you’re driving down the street in a neighborhood and a particular house catches your eye, the reason is probably due to the fact that it has such a beautiful yard. After all, landscaping is what provides us with the “first impression” that we receive of any home from the plush green lawn and pruned trees to the beautiful flowers and water fixtures.

Save Energy and WaterIf you’re someone who is thinking about doing a bit of landscaping in your own yard, then you are probably already aware of the fact that in order to do it well, sometimes it can cost a pretty penny. That’s why, before you begin, we wanted to provide you with five landscape design tips that will ultimately save you in energy as well as water costs. This way, you can design a beautiful yard and not have to pay a ton of money in order to have it.

Plant bushes along your south wall to keep cool. If you tend to live in a climate where the summer weather is particularly harsh, something that you can do to keep from relying quite as much on your HVAC unit is plant some bushes along the south wall of your house. That way, the bushes will help to shield the part of your home that gets the most light from the sun’s brutal heat.

Plant evergreen trees along the north perimeter. On the other hand, if you live in a place where you tend to get a lot of snow or harsh bitter winds during the winter season, plant a couple of evergreen trees along the north perimeter. They will help to protect your home from the windchill effect in a beautiful way.

Plant some “low maintenance” grass. You might be surprised that there are some forms of grass that require a lot less maintenance than others. Two particular kinds that typically do not need much water are buffalograss and zoysia. Both are actually quite good at withstanding the summer heat and although you will need to water them, you won’t need to nearly as much as other kinds.

Add some mulch. Something that a landscaping service like Land View Landscape Services would probably recommend that you do in order to conserve water is one, make sure to till your soil so that you can get better water absorption. The other thing that’s important to do is to put down some mulch. In the warmer seasons, it helps to hinder weed growth (which is an enemy to moisture) and in the cooler ones, it helps to keep your soil soft so that it can better receive moisture.

Use some eco-friendly landscaping tools. Finally, if you want to save on energy costs, something that you should invest in is some eco-friendly landscaping tools. By this we mean to get things like a push mower (or at least replace your gas-operated mower for an electrical one) along with some electrical trimmers and blowers.In addition to these kind of tools, monitoring your water usage with a flow meter can also help in conserving water and energy. For more information on eco-friendly landscaping tools, visit E3 Living, Green Clippers or Sears and put “eco-friendly lawn tools” in the search field.

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