5 Ways to Protect your Home

The Seattle Police Department’s crime statistics show a general decrease in crime over the past decade. However, homeowners still have to contend with a significantly high number of break-ins, larceny and violent crimes. Below are some top tips to enable you to protect your home.

How to protect your home

1.    Lock/reinforce your windows and doors
Most burglars are opportunistic criminals targeting homes that they are sure of getting in and out without much resistance. Statistics show that almost half of all home break-ins happen without much force being used; meaning very many people leave their doors and windows unlocked, or they fail to secure the weak entry points such as sliding doors. Securing weak doors is one of the basic ways of keeping out burglars. Therefore, ensure that you lock and secure all doors and windows before leaving. Also, reinforce weaker doors to prevent someone from simply kicking them in. And if you need a reliable locksmith after a break in make sure you look here.

2.    Keep your valuables out of sight
Criminals usually case their targets before striking. Casing enables them to identify the ideal homes to target, with regard to the availability of items worth stealing as well as the ease of breaking in. For this reason, showing off that you have pricey items is likely to attract criminals. Avoid leaving boxes or packaging material for expensive items such as jewelry or electronic appliances lying around your yard. In addition, remove any money, jewelry and items of worth from plain sight to prevent anyone casing your home from spotting them.

3.    Invest in a home security system
Home security systems come in a variety of types and designs to enable you to secure your valuables and keep you family safe. When choosing a security solution, you must consult a professional security provider such as ADT Seattle Washington to help you come up with an ideal system that caters to your needs and budget. The different types of security systems include:

  • Video surveillance system: Security cameras are very crucial in protecting your home in that, they enable you to monitor in real time and/or record all the happenings within the home. You can configure the cameras for remote viewing, to allow you access to your security feed even when you are away. On the other hand, the recorded video footage can provide crucial leads when conducting investigations, and can be used by law enforcers as evidence.
  • Home alarm system: An alarm system is an important tool for detecting and deterring criminal activity such as break-ins, home invasions, and vandalism, and even keeping away the annoying peeping toms. A home alarm can also be used to detect various security breaches such as smoke, fire, poisonous gas, and flooding. The system can be configured using the appropriate detectors including smoke/fire detectors, vibration sensors, motion sensors and magnetic contacts to detect the relevant threats. Alarm systems simply respond to threats by sounding a high pitched noise to scare away intruders. At the same time, the alarm sends out an alert to you and/or your security company, informing of the impending danger.

4.    Make it look like you are home
Most criminals target homes when they are sure the occupants are away. This explains the high number of break-ins during the day when people are likely to be at work. In addition, the summer vacation months of July and August experience a spike in residential crimes. For this reason, you should try to always make it look like someone is home.

5.    Know your neighbors
Closer-knit neighborhoods, especially those with Neighborhood Watch Programs experience fewer incidences of crime. These programs enable people living within the same neighborhoods to know each other, and practically be “their brother’s keepers.”


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