Affordable Luxury in a Small Space Adds Value

If you have recently moved house you may have picked a place with potential and in need of restoration because of the value for money it provides. You may not be into DIY but feel that even using tradesmen you can upgrade the house and increase your asset well beyond the amount of money you will need to spend. It makes sense to have extra equity in your main asset.

There are two obvious rooms that are often in need of upgrade and they are the kitchen and bathroom, where modernisation can make an immediate difference.  There may be size restraints but there are also excellent answers to any space issue.


Space limitations

If you have a small bathroom your options are limited. There are ways to make the room appear bigger; light walls and larger than normal floor tiles are two tricks that seem to help. Larger tiles mean less grout and using travertine tiles may be better again. It cuts so cleanly with perfect 90 degree angles that it needs virtually no grout in between tiles and fits like a jigsaw.

You may like a bath but simply have no space to install one so there is no choice other than a shower. You can create a wet room, a totally open shower head with no cubicle and allow the water to drain away through a slight slope in the floor. Most people will choose a cubicle but this is where you can think about a little luxury, going beyond a simple shower head. There is such a thing as a shower cabin.

A luxurious cabin

A shower cabin  takes things to the next stage. You can buy a unit that is totally enclosed with no water able to escape into the bathroom as a whole and within the cabin the ultimate in luxury. You can select your exact specifications with jets to ensure the whole of your body will be soothed and reinvigorated. Even if your bathroom space is limited you will want for nothing as you prepare for work or an evening out with friends. When you leave the cabin and dry yourself you will be ready for anything.


It’s worth doing a little research, isn’t it? You may never have had the inclination to change much in your home before being happy to simply redecorate and maintain in. If that has been your general inclination then you should spend time researching because you are unlikely to want to repeat the exercise on a regular basis.

The Internet is the place to go because every company has recognised its strength as a marketing tool. You will be able to find suppliers that offer products from all the major brand names with product descriptions allowing you to see which units will fit in the space you have available.

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home but it is still extremely important. You will want to make the most out of a limited space and there is plenty of advice and ideas around to help you do it.


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