Elderly Health – The Shocking Truth

A shocking new study suggests that an alarming amount of countries are ill-prepared to deal with a rising elderly population, with the social and economic well-being of those involved suffering as a result. The alarming study was carried out by the United Nations in conjunction with a prominent elderly rights group. Perhaps the most shocking statistic to emerge from the study is that the total number of people over the age of 60 is likely to outnumber those aged under 15 by the year 2050. Afghanistan Read more [...]

5 Tips for Converting Your Home Into a Smart Home

A smart home doesn't necessarily mean that you have to fill your home with expensive gadgets. A smart home utilizes technology in a smart and efficient way to save money and to make your life easier. Not only that, but by adding a few technological creature comforts, you can make your home safer and more comfortable. These days, if you get a knock on you door, you can easily check to see who's there from hundreds of miles away - all thanks to the brilliance of smartphone and tablet applications. Read more [...]

Common Home Ductwork Issues That Can Obstruct Airflow

On the list of signs you need to replace your furnace, higher than usual energy bills and uneven heating are two of the most common. However, it may not be the furnace's fault - it may actually be the ductwork. There are a number of problems that can occur in your ductwork that can block or restrict air flow. You may have small leaks, or a bigger problem that may take extra special attention. However, no matter if the problem is small or big, it is important to have the problem remedied immediately, Read more [...]

5 Ways to Protect your Home

The Seattle Police Department's crime statistics show a general decrease in crime over the past decade. However, homeowners still have to contend with a significantly high number of break-ins, larceny and violent crimes. Below are some top tips to enable you to protect your home. How to protect your home 1.    Lock/reinforce your windows and doors Most burglars are opportunistic criminals targeting homes that they are sure of getting in and out without much resistance. Statistics show Read more [...]

5 Ductless Air Conditioner Advantages for Homeowners

While ductless, or mini-split, air conditioners have been on the market for a long time, many people and homeowners do not know what they are, nor do they know the benefits of installing ductless systems over traditional duct units. Ductless systems are extremely convenient, efficient, effective, and reliable. Here are 5 major advantages of ductless air conditioners for homeowners. First of all, ductless air conditioning systems are significantly more energy efficient than other models which Read more [...]

How to Go Solar at Home Without Spending a Fortune

These days, utilizing solar energy is one of the best ways to provide power and electricity to your home. With the rise of worsening natural disasters and global warming, it is becoming increasingly more important to find alternative and sustainable sources of energy. When it comes down to it, as long as there is a sun in the sky, there will be energy to use. However, making your home solar equipped can cost a lot of money - installation of solar panels can run you tens of thousands of dollars, which Read more [...]

Improve the Appearance of Your Home

First impressions can make or break a deal on your home. While many people don’t judge a book by its cover the same can’t be said for houses. People will take the kerb appeal into consideration when it comes to buying a home.  According to research it can take as little as eight seconds for potential buyers to decide if they want to buy a home or not. Therefore you need to do everything possible to improve the exterior appearance in order to help your home sell.     Many Read more [...]