Prepping Your Plumbing System for the Winter

As the colorful foliage and brisk weather of fall is in full force, it is especially important to start investing time and energy in preparing your home’s plumbing system for winter. Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges for owners of four-season homes is managing the timing involved in inspecting and preparing the heating, cooling, and plumbing systems for the unpredictably extreme weather conditions of the snowy and cold winter months. Before the frost and ice settle in, rendering most Read more [...]

5 Tips for Converting Your Home Into a Smart Home

A smart home doesn't necessarily mean that you have to fill your home with expensive gadgets. A smart home utilizes technology in a smart and efficient way to save money and to make your life easier. Not only that, but by adding a few technological creature comforts, you can make your home safer and more comfortable. These days, if you get a knock on you door, you can easily check to see who's there from hundreds of miles away - all thanks to the brilliance of smartphone and tablet applications. Read more [...]

Living Alone? How to Keep a Sense of Safety

Many thousands of men and women live alone without any problems, but there are some risks that you will want to address if you don't have a roommate or another person in your home. Finding simple solutions to staying safe allows you peace of mind in your home. Take the time to follow these simple steps to maximizing safety and creating a restful atmosphere that you can really enjoy. Communicate with Neighbors Neighbors are often more important for safety reasons than friends and family. Neighbors Read more [...]

Planning Tips to Help You Save for Big Budget Purchases

Do you have big dreams to go on travel next year? Maybe you want to buy a new car, put a down payment on a home, or enroll in some courses that will catapult your career. All of these are worthy goals; the problem is finding the extra money to be able to pay for it. Families are often strapped for cash and are using every penny they earn to go towards their current needs for food, clothing, and shelter. So how do you plan for those big budget items when it feels like every dollar you make is Read more [...]

Commercial Cleaning: Best Choice for Funeral High-Traffic Carpets

Commercial cleaning experts suggest for the proper carpets to use during funeral services. Special choice should be picked. Expert cleaning should be followed after the services. For funeral homes, services can vary from each other. Professional and administrative factors are made up of staffing the place during the wake and visitation.  Aside from the casket, a variety of funeral supplies are provided in order to give the necessary services.  These include flowers, candles, lights, chairs, Read more [...]

5 Ways to Protect your Home

The Seattle Police Department's crime statistics show a general decrease in crime over the past decade. However, homeowners still have to contend with a significantly high number of break-ins, larceny and violent crimes. Below are some top tips to enable you to protect your home. How to protect your home 1.    Lock/reinforce your windows and doors Most burglars are opportunistic criminals targeting homes that they are sure of getting in and out without much resistance. Statistics show Read more [...]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Granite Countertops Clean

Granite countertops are the most sought after material for most home kitchens. They are durable, beautiful and a symbol of high quality interior design. If you have countertops, it is essential that you care for them properly in order to achieve the best look and to preserve the quality for many years to come. Here are 5 tips for keeping your granite countertops clean. First you will need to effectively prep the countertops for cleaning. You can do this by making sure to remove any items or appliances Read more [...]

How to Care For Your Floors When You Have Pets

Although we love our pets, they can quickly ruin carpet, wooden floors, and sometimes even tiled floors. If you own one or more pets, there are some things you need to consider in order to properly care for your floors. You should think about the type of flooring you have installed, cleaning techniques, and even prevention and repair techniques. Pet Friendly Floors When you are installing flooring, you will need to keep your pet in mind and realize the impact they will have on the flooring.  Read more [...]

5 Ductless Air Conditioner Advantages for Homeowners

While ductless, or mini-split, air conditioners have been on the market for a long time, many people and homeowners do not know what they are, nor do they know the benefits of installing ductless systems over traditional duct units. Ductless systems are extremely convenient, efficient, effective, and reliable. Here are 5 major advantages of ductless air conditioners for homeowners. First of all, ductless air conditioning systems are significantly more energy efficient than other models which Read more [...]

5 Landscape Design Tips to Save Energy and Water

When you're driving down the street in a neighborhood and a particular house catches your eye, the reason is probably due to the fact that it has such a beautiful yard. After all, landscaping is what provides us with the "first impression" that we receive of any home from the plush green lawn and pruned trees to the beautiful flowers and water fixtures. If you're someone who is thinking about doing a bit of landscaping in your own yard, then you are probably already aware of the fact that in order Read more [...]