Commercial Cleaning: Best Choice for Funeral High-Traffic Carpets

Commercial cleaning experts suggest for the proper carpets to use during funeral services. Special choice should be picked. Expert cleaning should be followed after the services.

For funeral homes, services can vary from each other. Professional and administrative factors are made up of staffing the place during the wake and visitation.  Aside from the casket, a variety of funeral supplies are provided in order to give the necessary services.  These include flowers, candles, lights, chairs, music, and of course the floor carpeting.     

Funeral High-Traffic CarpetsCommercial cleaning companies suggest that funeral homes be particular in choosing the kind of floor carpet.  Right choice ensures that the floor covering will last long in good condition.  There are certain things to consider when buying a carpet.  Immediate cleaning is also necessary after completing the funeral services.



The level loop funeral carpeting features dense and short loops.  This is extremely heavy duty because it fits high traffic areas like stairways, hallways and funeral parlors.  Berber is a special kind of loop carpet that can properly hold up in these high traffic areas.  It appears more casual and comes in range of colors, sizes and patterns. Frieze is another surface carpet that is textured.  It has the ability to stand against a variety of footwear in crowded areas or commonly stepped on rooms.


In general, funeral services can pick one from the different kinds of carpet fibers.  They can use it in providing quality floor materials. Wool is not a synthetic fiber.  It is a little bit expensive and therefore not really recommended for funeral services.  The funeral owner can buy either the polypropylene or nylon as good options. These two carpet fibers can hold up properly in high traffic areas and can last long with soil, dust and spilled particles.


PAR means performance appearance rating.  This is useful in analysing if what you buy is a tough and durable carpet.  It can determine what is strong enough to tolerate congested and high traffic areas.   The scale rating is one to five and your funeral business should choose one that has the high level of PAR.  This will be applied in deeply used areas in the parlor.

Your funeral business should be cared for by maintaining the regular carpet cleaning.  Consistent vacuuming, immediate stain removal and specialized carpet cleaning are a must for your thick and heavy carpet.

Room Perfection

Your receiving room will be kept clean and beautiful. Many commercial cleaning companies have partnership with the funeral industry making sure their clients will experience the cleanest and best dignified place.   Dusting, washing and shampooing are among the carpet cleaning services that will keep the value of the carpet.  Professional cleaners understand well the importance of the appearance of the carpet during the funeral services.

Cleaning companies offer schedules or a single-time service depending on the needs of the client.  They offer a thorough carpet care and cleaning.  Providers will remove the stains and gums.  A follow up after-service also includes getting rid of leaves, flower petals, food particles, tissue and all other litters left behind.  Commercial cleaning companies also provide for the podium cleaning, mirror cleaning, picture dusting, and other related cleaning tasks.

Presentation during the funeral days are seriously taken care of by the expert commercial cleaners.

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