Don’t Let Mosquitos Ruin Your Life

Mosquitos are annoying and dangerous little creatures that will invade your property and make you sick if you don’t control them. You can wear a special repellent to dissuade them from landing on you, but a bug repellent may not smell pleasant, and it can be messy. You’ll find a better solution at Mosquito Squad has a variety of different bug control services to fit your needs. These are the mosquito treatment services offered by Mosquito Squad:


Traditional Treatment


Mosquito Squad offers what they call traditional treatment service to control mosquitos. This mosquito and tick control service is the one most favored by their customers. A specially designed solution is applied around the home and all over the backyard to immediately exterminate mature mosquitos when traditional treatment is rendered. Special attention is paid to areas where mosquitos typically hang out. After application of the solution, the mosquitoes die when they eat the treated greenery on your property. The effects of the solution can last for 21 days.


All-Natural Treatment


The all-natural treatment eliminates mosquitoes and repels them for 2 weeks. The natural solution used in this treatment is made of garlic. Although this treatment is less effective than the traditional treatment is, it may better suit your needs. The solution used in this treatment will need to be applied every 2 weeks for ongoing protection.


Outdoor Event Treatment


If you plan on throwing a garden party for the 4th of July or some other occasion, make sure you do what you can to keep mosquitoes away. If you contact Mosquito Squad, their technicians will come to your home 1 to 2 days before the party to apply a barrier spray. This spray will protect you and your guests from getting bit and stung, and it will impressively lower the number of mosquitoes. It will be applied way before your table is set, so there’s no chance that anything on your table will become contaminated. Outdoor event treatment provides protection from mosquitoes for the duration of your party.


Wedding Treatment


Wedding mosquito control treatment is similar to outdoor event treatment. Mosquito Squad’s trained technicians will apply a barrier spray to your property 1 to 2 days before your wedding. The spray will dry in approximately 30 minutes, and it will be odor free. The wedding treatment to control mosquitoes will ensure your wedding day isn’t ruined by troublesome mosquitoes.


Protect your family, pets, and friends from mosquitoes. These bugs can infect your loved ones with the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, yellow fever, and other serious diseases. Contact https.// if you have a mosquito problem. Mosquito Squad provides expert service that’s 100% guaranteed.

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