How Does a Home Theater Impact Resale Value?

There are plenty of home upgrades you can complete that will add to the resale value of your home, as you may already know. For example, gutting your outdated kitchen and replacing it with a setup worthy of a 5-star chef will almost certainly show a significant return on investment, as will expanding or updating your master bath. And of course, additions that increase square footage should bump up the value of your home. But what about other upgrades? What if you decide to install hardwood flooring throughout your home? What if you knock out a couple of walls to create an open floor plan? In truth, some upgrades may be more for your own benefit than for your resale value. But just because they don’t necessarily offer you monetary value beyond what you’ve spent doesn’t mean they aren’t somehow valuable. And when you decide to put in a home theater, it could benefit you in ways you don’t anticipate.

Home Theater Turning your basement or an extra bedroom into a home theater is obviously going to prove useful to you while you live in the home since you and your family will get to enjoy a theater-like setting in the comfort of your own home. With black-out curtains to plunge you into darkness, surround sound speakers that will make every sound reverberate through your chest, and of course, a screen so big and bright that you have to wear sunglasses to avoid going blind, you’ll get the movie-going experience you crave without having to pay $10 a ticket. But of course, planning this upgrade will come at no small expense. So it’s important to ask yourself whether you stand to see a return when you sell your home and how important it is to you to get that money back.

The thing is, your home theater is unlikely to show a return on investment for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s fairly unlikely that you’re going to leave behind most of the components that make it valuable when you sell the house, which is to say, you’re probably going to take your TV, speakers, and other electronics with you, not to mention the plush seating and pretty much everything else. Since this is what makes a home theater valuable, you shouldn’t expect to see any cash back upon resale. But there are some advantages you may see at the time of sale.

Part of what makes a home attractive to buyers is the staging, and the trick is to help potential buyers see themselves living in the space. While a home theater won’t appeal to every buyer, it is definitely something that you can’t find in every home, and it could, therefor, act as a selling point. Even if you’re taking the electronics, you still have the wiring and other foundational elements in place. And once the buyers see what you’ve done to transform, the space they can picture their own items in it. So the real benefit of letting a company like¬†Phoenix Home Entertainment¬†create a custom setup for you, aside from getting to enjoy it yourself, is that it could definitely help to tip the scales in your favor when it comes to beating out similar homes for sale in your area. You may not get more money for it, but if it helps you to sell your home for your asking price, you’ll get your value out of it.

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