Importance of Gas Boilers in the Home

Gas boilers are devices that are used to heat the home and provide hot water. They form part of the heating system and use combustion to heat the home through a series of pipes in the walls, floors and ceiling. Normally, boilers use different heating mechanisms, but gas boilers use natural gas connections. The boiler is the central part of the heating system. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the boiler is in good condition always.


In order to be comfortable at home, one has to install systems that regulate temperature indoors. Boilers are a good example of such systems. They operate on a simple mechanism of circulating hot water around the building so as to raise the temperatures to a more desirable state.

Moreover, boiler systems provide a building with hot water for use. This is very important especially during winter, when the temperatures are unbearable. Therefore, it is important for one to have a boiler system in his or her home.



There are three main types of boilers available in the market. They include:

• Combination boilers

• Conventional boilers

• System boilers

Combination boilers, also known as combine boilers, provide hot water and heat without water cylinders or tanks. Due to this, they are able to occupy much less space compared to other types of boilers. However, they are not able to provide enough pressure to support several running taps at a time.

System boilers or sealed systems have a cylinder. The cylinder normally sits on top of an airing cupboard. The good thing about this system is that there is no water tank and it can provide hot water from several taps at the same time. The problem is that hot water is not provided instantly. If it has run out, one has to wait for it to reheat.

Conventional boilers are also known as regular or open vent boilers. They have a tank and a cylinder and can provide water to several taps at the same time. Their disadvantage is that they occupy a large space and once the hot water runs out, one has to wait for it to reheat. They are ideal for homes, which require hot water in multiple taps at the same time.

Choosing a Boiler

When choosing a gas boiler, it is good to consider several things. Efficiency is one of them.  Just like any other heating and cooling system, boilers are rated according to their efficiency level. The efficiency rating varies from one type of boiler to the next, depending on the type of technology it uses. Therefore, one should select a boiler that has the best rating, in order to save on the utility bills.

Other things that one should consider are:

• Installation cos

• Maintenance and operational costs

• Energy star

Selecting a Boiler

There is usually a debate on whether to purchase oil or gas boilers. Both types of boilers have some advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice is determined by the requirements of a person’s home or building.

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