Improve the Appearance of Your Home

First impressions can make or break a deal on your home. While many people don’t judge a book by its cover the same can’t be said for houses. People will take the kerb appeal into consideration when it comes to buying a home.  According to research it can take as little as eight seconds for potential buyers to decide if they want to buy a home or not. Therefore you need to do everything possible to improve the exterior appearance in order to help your home sell.




Many buyers will decide they don’t want to buy a home before they have even made it to the front door. This is why it’s essential that you really take the time and use your energy to make sure the outside of your home is looking at its best.  Thankfully this work doesn’t have to cost you thousands of pounds, but you do need to do a good job as it’s often said that bad DIY is worse than no DIY.

Work on the Entrance

Before you do anything else pay attention to your front door. This is often the first thing that potential buyers will look at.  The front door is the one place on the outside of the property where you can afford to add some colour, so don’t be afraid of picking that strong, bold colour that you find irresistible. Full gloss colours are a good choice but if you’re afraid of colour you can play it safe and paint the door in a matt, washed out colour such as a plum, black or grey.

Add some value to your entrance in the form of quality door furniture.  Cheap door furniture will cheapen the door, so put your hand in your pocket and buy some heavy furniture such as letter boxes, handles and door knockers. Consider the age of your property to make sure you get the right style for your home. For a contemporary look choose chrome or brushed aluminium furniture and never choose a door bell that plays music, you’ll immediately put people off as soon as the ring the bell.

Improve the Access

The access to your property needs to be carefully considered. If you have steep steps or pot-hole-filled driveways the potential buyers will be calculating the extra costs they need to consider before they have walked past the threshold. Tidy up the pathways, sweep away the leaves and smarten up the area where you store your rubbish bags and recycling boxes. If you have steps add some railings and smarten up the garden so there are no bushes that will catch on the clothing of arriving guests.

Tidy Up Your Garage

A garage is an excellent addition to any home, but only if it’s in good condition. Take the weekend to tidy up the inside of the garage, making sure there is enough room to store your vehicle. Consider adding some extra shelving on the walls, showing there is plenty of storage space available even if a car is parked inside. Garage doors can be replaced through sites like if they are old or tired looking. The garage once clean, tidy and secure can be a great selling point and certainly adds to the kerb appeal of any property.


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