Building Your Own Barbecue Pit

When the summer months hit, we are also greeted with the mouth-watering smell of BBQ’s cooking for families and friends everywhere. It is a delicious time to be alive and traditionally, there is normally always a squabble in the household over who will be holding the BBQ tongs, especially when there is a BBQ pit to do it in. No matter who is cooking the BBQ’s this summer, why not make your cooking feel a little more al fresco by having a BBQ pit built into your garden. It will also allow you Read more [...]

Your New Bathroom – Things That Might Slip the Mind

Modern life is hectic, busy and full. There is a whole section is bookshops now dedicated to the art of being more efficient. Smartphones mean the office never really leaves you, its tendrils hooking in your pocket or bag as you go out the door. This is before you even get home, where your family awaits, dinner remains uncooked and those shelves are still leant against the wall in the study, three weeks after you bought them. This compression of our own time means that certain tasks are hurried Read more [...]

Affordable Luxury in a Small Space Adds Value

If you have recently moved house you may have picked a place with potential and in need of restoration because of the value for money it provides. You may not be into DIY but feel that even using tradesmen you can upgrade the house and increase your asset well beyond the amount of money you will need to spend. It makes sense to have extra equity in your main asset. There are two obvious rooms that are often in need of upgrade and they are the kitchen and bathroom, where modernisation can make Read more [...]

Improve the Appearance of Your Home

First impressions can make or break a deal on your home. While many people don’t judge a book by its cover the same can’t be said for houses. People will take the kerb appeal into consideration when it comes to buying a home.  According to research it can take as little as eight seconds for potential buyers to decide if they want to buy a home or not. Therefore you need to do everything possible to improve the exterior appearance in order to help your home sell.     Many Read more [...]