Building Your Own Barbecue Pit

When the summer months hit, we are also greeted with the mouth-watering smell of BBQ’s cooking for families and friends everywhere. It is a delicious time to be alive and traditionally, there is normally always a squabble in the household over who will be holding the BBQ tongs, especially when there is a BBQ pit to do it in. No matter who is cooking the BBQ’s this summer, why not make your cooking feel a little more al fresco by having a BBQ pit built into your garden. It will also allow you to cook a lot more food at once, making you the hostess with the most-est as you can invite more people to your party!

Firstly, you need to find a suitable place in your garden to build the pit, this means deciding on what size, shape and how big you want your pit to be as this will also be relative to the size of your garden. A good position would be somewhere that the pit can get a lot of ventilation as the smoke from the BBQ will need to escape into the air away from the food. Therefore, it probably wouldn’t be wise to choose a spot underneath a tree or sheltered area. As well as this you need to ensure that the BBQ pit can be elevated above ground to allow ventilation underneath so the coals stay hot too.

With regard to the materials you will need to build your pit, they will be very inexpensive and easy to buy from any DIY store. You will need some kind of stone made blocks or bricks to start the foundations. As you build your BBQ pit, you can decide on how you want the structure to look, this will be very simple to do with a bit of added muscle from someone strong! Once the foundations and structure is in place, you will just need to lay metal grates across it for you to cook the food on.

Now the BBQ pit is ready and functional, you can focus on making the pit look less industrial and more like a pretty feature in your garden. Get creative with different types of wood, for example placing bamboo or even just normal timber around the BBQ area would make it look a lot more attractive and for those needing a little bit of inspiration, it is worth going to a local timber merchants and asking what they can offer you.

In addition to concealing the actual structure of the pit, you could decorate it further by adding plants around the edges, obviously making sure that they won’t be a fire hazard! Or, other alternatives could be to embrace the stone look of the pit and create a kind of Stonehenge look using pebbles and other rock features. There are lots of things at the gardening store you could pick up too, which could compliment your pit and make it something to be proud of, for example you could buy a few fire torches and have them dotted around the garden as well.

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