Elderly Health – The Shocking Truth

A shocking new study suggests that an alarming amount of countries are ill-prepared to deal with a rising elderly population, with the social and economic well-being of those involved suffering as a result.

The alarming study was carried out by the United Nations in conjunction with a prominent elderly rights group. Perhaps the most shocking statistic to emerge from the study is that the total number of people over the age of 60 is likely to outnumber those aged under 15 by the year 2050.

Afghanistan was ranked at the bottom of a list which suggests that a number of countries have a great deal of work to do in order to fully prepare for a problem which is only set to increase in the coming years.

It is worth noting that certain countries who you might have thought would be more adequately set up for such a problem given their relative wealth actually ranked quite low. Nations such as China, Brazil and Russia (who have all been identified as forming part of the emerging nations known as the BRICS group of countries) languished behind countries such as Uruguay and Panama in the study.

The list looked at issues ranging from health coverage and social support to more basic needs by determining how effectively the countries are set up to deal with an ageing population in a society which is increasingly obsessed with the idea of aspiring towards youth.

Some countries did manage to emerge with credit though. Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada and the United States of America all came out near the top of the ranking after a thorough assessment of the existing structures which are designed to cater for elderly natives.

One Swedish native attempted to summarise why he feels that Sweden is a model that the rest of the world can follow.

“The healthcare system, for me, has worked extraordinarily well,” stated Marianne Blomberg.

The 80-year old from Stockholm went on to suggest that the level of care she receives in this sector could hardly be any better.

“I suffer from atrial fibrillation and from the minute I call emergency until I am discharged, it is absolutely amazing. I can’t complain about anything – even the food is good,” added Blomberg.

The issue of retirement age is one which is likely to have a huge affect on how effectively these counties set themselves up in the future to deal with the issue of a rising elderly population. Some countries, such as Sweden, are actively encouraging their natives to work beyond the age of 65 if they feel as though they are able to while in the UK it is firms like Bathing Solutions who help provide older residents with the aids they need to live a comfortable life.

If people choose to take up this option then the country in question is likely to forget about them in comparison to younger members of the population which will obviously be an issue if something was to happen and their individual circumstances were to change.

It is certainly an issue that will not be going away any time soon, with many countries probably asking whether or not they are doing everything they can for their elderly population on the back of this study.


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