Holiday-Ready Home: Tips and Tricks

Holiday preparations can be stressful. From shopping for the perfect tree to wrapping holiday presents, your to-do list will be almost endless. To make things easier, keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share on how to get your home ready for the most special time of the year.


  1. Get Your Christmas Tree Ready

Your holiday home décor will be incomplete without a Christmas tree. It is often the star, so make sure to take the time to dress it up.  Stay away from fake Christmas trees and get yourself an authentic one. Pay attention to how you can keep it fresh longer. Look for the best ornaments, including DIY décor. Complete the look by adding gifts at the foot of the tree. If you still don’t have gifts, start shopping now at Shutterfly, and for sure, you will love the cheap finds.


  1. Add Holiday Scent

As you prepare your home for holiday guests, find ways to add scents that will be reminiscent of Christmas. One of the best ways to do this is to have a fresh tree, garland, and wreath, among other decors. You should also light up candles with fragrances that will be reminiscent of Christmas, such as cinnamon, pine, and mint.


  1. Show Off the Gifts

Start your gift shopping as early as possible to avoid the Christmas rush and take advantage of good deals. If you need help with your Christmas list, check out Shutterfly. Wrap the gifts on your own to make it more special. Choose beautiful wrappers so that the gifts will add a festive mood to your home when you display them. Find creative ways to display the gifts aside from stacking them under the tree.


  1. Display Christmas Cards

If you already started receiving holiday cards from friends and family or if you are making cards for your loved ones, use them as Christmas displays. For the best Christmas card display ideas, consider hanging them in a tree or garland. You can also use it to create a tree on the wall, along with washi tapes.


  1. Light It Up

Christmas lights are must-haves in giving your house a festive vibe. From the patio to the windows, think of creative ways to display the lights. To make it even more holiday-like, choose lights with Christmas tunes. It is also crucial that you pay attention to the safety of the lights as you display them in the different parts of your home.


  1. Prepare Your Holiday Playlist

Getting the house ready for the holidays is not just all about aesthetics. To complete the experience, make sure that there is also music. Curate a playlist with some of the best Christmas songs, and for sure, this will make everyone feel the spirit of the season.


Christmas happens just once a year, so go all out with your preparations. Consider our suggestions above to make your home holiday-ready, especially if you are inviting some guests over to celebrate Christmas at your place.

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