Your New Bathroom – Things That Might Slip the Mind

Modern life is hectic, busy and full. There is a whole section is bookshops now dedicated to the art of being more efficient. Smartphones mean the office never really leaves you, its tendrils hooking in your pocket or bag as you go out the door. This is before you even get home, where your family awaits, dinner remains uncooked and those shelves are still leant against the wall in the study, three weeks after you bought them.

This compression of our own time means that certain tasks are hurried through; one of these tasks is any sort of DIY or decoration (see above).

Yes, you go to redesign your bathroom and end up rushing right through it, just hoping for some extra time in bed or in front of the TV. The big things will always be in mind, of course, but what about those essential little pieces? Consult the list below and have some of your life back, on me.


Fully understand if you recoiled here; after all, we are discussing bathrooms and then the word ‘waste’ pops up. I mean plugs and pipes here though (this isn’t getting any better, is it?) for your sinks, baths and showers. Some places supply their units with these, but some don’t. One other thing to consider – and I can assure you, this isn’t about to get any more pleasant – is to get a waste with a proper trap. That way, hair won’t block up your pipes, and neither will you end up losing your wedding rings or anything like that to the drains as these will catch everything.

Toilet Seat

Somewhat similar to the above – most places supply their toilets with a seat, but some don’t and some are just awful cheap plastic things. I recommend a soft-close seat, to avoid damage to the pan as well as minimising your contact with the seat. If you won’t to go further, I can recommend novelty toilet seats – you can even find places that will produce your own design. Yes, they’re a little gimmicky, but it allows you to further stamp your particular personality on your bathroom.

Radiator Valves

You’ve got the perfect vertical or horizontal radiator – better yet, maybe you’ve gone for a heated towel rail – but there are some gaps at the bottom of the unit where the water and oil keeps tumbling out. That’s where your radiator valves go. Start thinking about thermostatic or standard valves, quick time. To put it simply: thermostatic radiators offer better utility, but are much larger – it’s all about a balance of looks and performance, if you ask me.


This is a bit of a catch-all term, but it is necessary as these are gewgaws that escape most notice. These are things like: towel rails, soap dishes, pegs for towels/dressing gowns, toilet roll holders, toothbrush cups and laundry baskets. This is also the chance for you to go a bit mad – my mother in law has a Santa Claus toilet seat cover which I pretend not to like, for instance!

Radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valve

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